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Hepatitis C Drug Side Effects

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I’m Rebooting

Joe Burke talks to his doctor about the restlessness he’s been experiencing post-hep C treatment. Apparently, it’s normal!

Ever Had a
Bad Doctor?

Connie M. Welch blogs about her provider pains and explains how find a doc that will really take care of your hep C.

Unwanted Interactions

New hep C drugs have the potential to react with drugs, herbs and other supplements you’re taking. RN Lucinda K. Porter goes over the risks.

How to Stand Against Stigma

Last week, Kim Bossley spent some serious time educating a mistaken ‘Cosmopolitan’ reporter about the ins and outs of hepatitis C.

Alternative Medicine

Did you know that ear acupuncture can help manage the interferon side-effects of hep C treatment? Mike Barr goes over the science.

Real People, Real Stories

Want to know what it's really like living with hepatitis? Interested in sharing your own experiences?

New Drugs
For Co-Infected

AbbVie’s upcoming ‘3D’ regimen shows high cure rates for genotype 1’s also living with HIV.

Hepatitis Kills
More Than

In fact, viral liver disease is now the leading cause of death from infectious diseases in the world.

‘3D’ Safe With
Addiction Treatment

New study shows Abbvie’s latest hep C combo is safe to use alongside opioid replacement therapy.

Are New
Drugs Worth
The Price?

Want to know the long-term expenses of NOT curing the U.S. hepatitis C epidemic?

Gilead Is Raking It In

The new hep C drug, Sovaldi, has brought in nearly $3.5 billion for the pharmaceutical giant since it was approved late last year.

Not Side
Effect Free

No drug is without its risks and potential adverse reactions, including new hep C treatments. Here’s what to expect.

Current Issue

In the current issue, hep C advocate Elizabeth Owens talks about grassroots activism, education and building up the courage to tackle the disease.

Hepatitis C
Mapped Out

For the first time ever, researchers have broken down the virus by both location and genotype, for a huge global look at liver disease.

More On
Pricing Problems

A new CVS analysis says Sovaldi could add an extra $300 to every American’s health insurance premium.

Should Congress
Free Medicare?

This op-ed warns that Gilead’s short-term gain may become the entire drug industry’s pain if steps aren’t taken.

Tattoos and Hepatitis C

Arm yourself with these facts before you go under the needle.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

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The community shares
“I am 53 yrs young, Geno 1a, currently F4 Fibrosis. Today, I found out I was Q80k positive and I had about a 60% chance of reaching SVR.  I was very upset and disappointed since I feel this is such a low percentage after reading so much on cure of over 93%. Should I treat and deal with the sides, or wait for something better to come along?”

“Recently I was diagnosed with cryoglobulinemia. My research tells me that it is a potentially serious complication of Hep C occurring in 30% of cases, causing vasculitis with potential kidney, lung, and other organ damage. Yikes! Is there anyone who has this condition, or knows something about it, who can give me any information from a PATIENT'S point of view?”
aurelian’s “New to forum — HepC & cryoglobulinemia”

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Footage from the front lines
Philadelphia comes together on World Hepatitis Day 2014 to spread the message that we CAN be Hepatitis Free!!!
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