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Same Price as a Maserati

Gilead’s new hepatitis C drug, Harvoni is seriously expensive.

5 Things to Know About Hep C

If you have hep C, no matter what stage, you need to hear Dr. Muir’s message.

Get Authorized For Treatment

Lucinda K. Porter goes over how to navigate your health insurance to get the latest HCV drugs.

A Second Chance at Life

One year post hep C cure, Devon Nicholson pursues his pro-wrestling career once more.

Optimal Healing

Matt Starr goes beyond western medicine to help heal his body through hepatitis C.

Lieque and Zuslani

Can these two acupuncture points boost your immune system?

Never Been Cured

Rick Nash just failed his fourth consecutive hep C treatment, but he’s not giving up.

Eating Out?

Karen Hoyt has tips on how to eat healthy for hepatitis C, even with fast food.

Drink Up!

Coffee, even decaf, can promote liver health.

FDA Approves Harvoni

Everything you need to know about Gilead Sciences’ new one-pill-a-day treatment.

Top Priority

Why liver cancer tests should go to hep-B positive cirrhotics first.

BMS Pulls
The Plug

The company will no longer pursue FDA approval for its new hep C drug.

Beware of Herbals and Supplements

Many can cause severe liver damage, transplants and even death.

Treating Those at Risk

This excerpt from the HCV Advocate discusses why it makes sense.

Mental Health: Not Taboo

22.5% of American adults reported at least one mental disorder in the last year.

HCV Rare
By 2036?

New treatments provide new hope for the end of the epidemic.

Current Issue

Hep’s latest mag is all about how to overcome hepatitis C and help others fight it, too.

Flat-Rate Cures

Should new HCV treatments have a uniform price, regardless of how much time they take?

Unintended Consequences

The recent oil boom brings HIV, hep C, drug use and prostitution to rural North Dakota.

Chicago Arms Against HCV

A $6.2M grant from the CDC will go toward testing and treatment training for local providers.

J&J Ups Its
Hep C Game

Their $1.75B buyout of Alios BioPharma could make way for a new all-oral combo.

France Fights Back on Pricing

The country will start taxing hepatitis C drug makers for going over budget.


Researchers will dissect the virus’ structure under microgravity conditions.

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“I have an appointment at 10:15 to start Harvoni. I called GEHA, my health insurance with the Federal Government. I was told it takes 48 hours for the pre authorization, which I will be approved. I called express scripts and they told me it will take 7 to 10 days to get my Harvoni shipped to me. I called CVS and Walgreens yesterday, and they never heard of Harvoni.”
johnsshutts’ “Starting Harvoni”

“I’ve been getting blisters and sores on my hands for months. I finally arranged a walk-in appt with a skin doctor. He recognized it immediately as  Cutaneous Porphyria which is a LIVER disease, somewhat rare except in Hep C patients who make up 90% of cases. If you have these symptoms start using total sunblock and wear a hat in the sun, go see a skin doc and make sure to tell them you are Hep C positive. Getting this into remission is  not too difficult.”
Scooter’s “Porphyria - Beware - Nasty Stuff - What to Check For”

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Footage from the front lines
Andrew Muir, MD, MHS, chief of the Duke Division of Gastroenterology, describes hepatitis C care and how to prepare for your first visit with a liver specialist.
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