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Who Decides Your Future?

Lucinda K. Porter is concerned about new hep C treatment guidelines that give certain patients priority over care.

Let’s Talk
About It

In his latest blog, Joe Burke talks about a touchy topic relating to hepatitis C: sexual risk factors.

What is HCC?

Hepatocellular Carcinoma is not a common form of cancer, but it can show up if you’ve lived with hep C as long as Karen Hoyt has.

Share Your Treatment Experience

Connie M. Welch is looking for hep C patients who are willing to talk about their time on the newest hep C drugs.

Limits To
Your Health

Kim Bossley says we must learn to accept help when it’s available, despite dealing with the silent stigma of liver disease.

Real People, Real Stories

Want to know what it's really like living with hepatitis? Interested in sharing your own experiences?

New Rules Prioritize Care

The AASLD’s new clinical guidelines say docs should dole out hep C treatment to only the sickest patients.

Hepatitis Prevention: Is $1 Enough?

We need way more funding for hepatitis prevention and access treatment programs to help end the epidemic.

Falling Through The Cracks

When positive hepatitis C tests go unconfirmed, care can go awry.

HCV: Still the
Silent Killer

Advocates say hepatitis C awareness needs to be made a national priority, before it’s too late.

94% Cures For Olysio-Sovaldi

The FDA is expected to approve the off-label combo for geno 1’s by January 2015.

Hep Lessons: Starting Treatment

Here’s how to determine whether or not you are ready to begin a treatment regimen to cure your hep C.

Current Issue

In the current issue, hep C advocate Elizabeth Owens talks about grassroots activism, education and building up the courage to tackle the disease.

The Future of The Epidemic

Scientists predict hepatitis C could be a rare disease in the U.S. by 2036, but advocates disagree.

Inmate Rights vs. High Price

Expensive new hep C meds could spell disaster for U.S. prison budgets.

Helping the Homeless

A new pilot project in Montreal aims to cure city mission clients of deadly liver disease.

Sovaldi Pitched At Half the Price

Public documents from 2011 show the original developers of the hep C cure estimated a price of just $36,000 for treatment.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

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The community shares
“I tested positive for hep C antibodies about a month ago. I went and re-tested and they ran a liver enzymes test and viral load. Liver test was normal and viral load was undetectable. I've researched enough to know that's a good thing...but I am concerned that it was undetectable possibly because it was a new infection and I feel like I'm sitting around waiting for this virus to grow. I see a specialist next month. So I'm wondering...if it's still undetectable next month, does that mean I have a good shot that my own immune system is defending this?”
newbie101’s “Newly diagnosed?looking for support”

“This is a weird question, but I read that sometimes doctors don't treat your hep C unless there are issues with your liver. I have fatty liver. Is this enough to start treatment? I am also concerned how treatment will affect my ability to look after my daughter and also about what precautions I need to take to ensure I don't reinfect myself once treatment has began and completed.”
Unsure86’s “What factors do doctors take for treatment”

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Footage from the front lines
This video by Dr. Joseph Galati outlines the basic facts about hepatitis C, and a call to action to get tested and evaluated for treatment. Learn more about Dr. Galati at www.texasliver.com.
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Do you agree with new hep C treatment guidelines that prioritize care to only the sickest patients?

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